Thursday, April 28, 2011

Elvis Through the Ages

It has come to my attention that some Russian hackers are using these images as a lure to link to their domain services site...

What a bunch of tools... the least that they could do is PAY ME!

This is a personal exercise incorporating the depiction
of a contemporary cultural icon and distinct eras in the
history of painting. All paintings were done in oils at a
size of  8"x10".

Elvis as The Duke of Urbino (after Piera della Francesca; ca. 1465)
©1995 Kurt Mitchell

Elvis in A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (after Albrecht Durer; ca 1498)
©1995 Kurt Mitchell

Elvis Rex as Henry VIII (after Hans Holbein the Younger; ca. 1540)
©1995 Kurt Mitchell

Elvis in a Golden Helmet (after Rembrandt Van Rijn; ca. 1650)
©1995 Kurt Mitchell

The Blue Suede Shoe Boy (after Thomas Gainsborough; ca. 1770)
©1995 Kurt Mitchell

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  1. This brought a smile to my face while I was suffering from a headache.

    Nice technique in re-creating those classic pieces.

    Very nice.