Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Opossum O'Reilly

a poem
by Kurt Mitchell

Opossum O'Reilly
Ain't one o' dem fools
Dat talk about woikin',
But ain't got no tools.

Ya know, all dem guys
Dat sit on da bench...
He ain't one o' dem!
He picks up a wrench!

He knows about faucets,
He knows about drains.
When it's time to work
He never complains.

Dere's no job too big!
Dere's no job too small!
When it comes to plumbin',
Yeah, he does it all!

If youse got a spigot
Dat's startin' to drip,
Just tell 'im to fix it,
He'll give ya no lip.

If youse got a bathtub,
But ain't got no sink...
If youse got a toilet
Dat's startin' to stink...

If youse got a garden
But ain't got no hose,
He'll bring one right over.
He's got lotsa dose.

If youse got some laundry
Dat hasta get clean,
He'll hook up a big, brand new
Washin' machine.

If youse got a problem
With plumbin' or water
He'll fix it right up
So it does what it oughter.

If your pipes are leakin'
O'Reilly 'll mend 'em.
He did dat for me,
So I do recommend 'im.

He's always on time.
He's always polite.
But he never works days,
He only works nights.

So give 'im a call
When you need a plumber.
Dere ain't many smarter,
But dere are lots dumber.

© 2011 Kurt D. Mitchell

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